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Dear Amanda Schofield,

Dear Firemonkeys,

Dear EA whoeve­r­is­re­spon­si­ble­fort­his­ga­me,

let me start right away with this state­ment:

You, the Firemonkeys, who are respon­si­ble for all the cute ani­ma­ti­ons and actions, are so incredi­b­ly ama­zing and it’s gre­at fun to watch what you crea­ted, every sin­gle time. Look at the dan­cers, the har­le­quin in the cast­le and so many other things. It’s awe­so­me to see what you can crea­te. And I’m so sor­ry for you, that you was­te your talent for such a gree­dy com­pa­ny like EA.

You, the Support Team of the Firemonkeys, do a gre­at job, no ques­ti­on about it. And you, the actu­al Programmers, at least try to make it right. I honor that, too.

But, let me say this:

I’m fed up. I have had it. I’m sick to death with your gree­di­ness, with your ava­ri­ce for money and bras­si­ness with this game. The who­le game is tur­ning more and more into a total rip-off.

Every sin­gle thing in this game actual­ly cal­led „free play” is desi­gned to pull our money out of our pockets. Every. Fucking. Thing. Let’s start at the begin­ning of this game. Or, wait, let me intro­du­ce mys­elf first:

My name is Petra Stelter, my Nickname is Akshaya for a very long time now. I’m play­ing SFP sin­ce it hit the mar­ket, December 2011. And I was so in love, it was such a gor­ge­ous game. I’ve play­ed on iPad, a gift of my then-to-be hus­band. I lost my game twice, in the ear­ly years. There was no cloud to save the game, the­re were loads of bugs, so… I lost my beloved litt­le fami­ly in the­re two times. And I stop­ped play­ing for a while.

When I star­ted over in Spring 2013, hoping for the bet­ter, you added loads of stuff, fixed qui­te a few bugs, but added so many more bugs and glit­ches, that I almost lost my game again. And, you star­ted to get gree­dy. It was in Summer 2013, when the Neighbors Update came out and you added SP and short­ly after that you added the Millionaires Island. Oops, sor­ry, it’s Mystery Island.

So I star­ted to blog about it. In German. It’s not a lan­guage you know best, I know, that’s why I’m wri­ting in English. I wro­te what I felt – the Island with it’s Monuments was a rip-off. And I took the bait – I payed about 500 Euros, that’s more than 750 Australian Dollars. I paid it becau­se I wan­ted to finish the Monuments and stuff like that, I paid it becau­se the LP Lotus was gam­bling, and I took medi­ci­ne that made me fall for gam­bling. I wish I could sue you becau­se of that, but on what grounds? So I took it as „learnt it the hard way”.

Shortly after that you put death into the game, February 2014, two years ago. Yes, I need to talk about it AGAIN. You need to hear it AGAIN. This par­ti­cu­lar update is cal­led by us play­ers Death Update or Todesupdate in German, not Life Deams and Legacies. Because it’s sim­ply not about Life Dreams, it’s about get­ting rid of our Sims to earn orbs. Sim-Deaths for a new venue. Great idea. I wro­te my second blog arti­cle. And after that I wro­te about every sin­gle update until now.

You know, mean­while I’ve got qui­te known in the German SFP com­mu­ni­ty, I have a lot readers per day, thousands come to me for help in quests or for get­ting legal tips and tricks on how to play the game, how to be able to accom­plish your quests and events. I hear loads of com­p­laints about how hard it actual­ly is to reach goals in this game, to be able to build stuff, to make our Sims a nice home (befo­re they die any­way to get new venues). I tried to start a new game just to see if it’s real­ly that hard and yes, inde­ed, it is.

You star­ted to deve­lop the game far away from what the play­ers actual­ly want, despi­te all the bright and shiny sur­veys you do. Funny, eh? You tried to do both, earning money and do what the play­ers want, and you fai­led big times.

Your best coup was to invent the VIP points. The big­gest rip-off of all times. I’m not rewar­ded, even if I alre­ady paid hund­reds and hund­reds of €. VIP only counts for NEW stuff one is buy­ing. And just do the maths: it’s 2.400€ to hit VIP level 15 with it’s 12.000 VIP Points.

Now, let me ask you: Are you serious about that? Really, are you? I think may­be this Chemtrail stuff is in Australia very inten­se, it affects the pot you’re smo­king and the water you make your tea with. Are you REALLY thin­king one sin­gle play­er would pay more for a bug­gy mobi­le game than for the ent­i­re device the game’s run­ning on? You must be cra­zy, and not in a nice way.

Or are you doing this just to seek for the hackers or tho­se play­ers who let their games be hacked, to punish them or reset their games?

And what about the bugs? After one who­le year you final­ly mana­ged to bring back the neigh­bors. Well done, well done. But the­re are so many bad bugs in the game, star­ting with gra­phi­cal glit­ches and mean bugs like the mis­sing pup­py. I don’t belie­ve you, when you say only the sup­port can help. I bet it’s pos­si­ble to help with an OTA update, you just wan­ted to punish the hackers with this beha­vi­or.

So, let’s see if I for­got a thing… yes! You said, Amanda, you per­so­nal­ly said on video publicly, that you can­not set the Sim limit hig­her than 34 in total or 4 Sims per lot. Still it’s pos­si­ble to expand the limits – no, I’m not tal­king about ille­gal stuff, I’m tal­king about VIP. It’s pos­si­ble to have 39 Sims in total and 6 Sims on a lot, if you’re wil­ling to pay THOUSANDS OF EUROS. So you’re a liar. A gree­dy liar.

And like I said. I’m fed up with it. I don’t know yet what to do. But I know loads of peop­le, not only in the German com­mu­ni­ty, but also all over the world. And we all are fed up. There are a few ways how to react.

One was this let­ter. I hope you start to think about it. Or may­be you won’t, becau­se the game may­be will not be the­re for long and a new game is com­ing up. Who knows. If there’s a new game, I hope you’ll make it bet­ter. For the play­ers who pay your loan.

Kind, or may­be not so kind regards,

Akshaya (Petra Stelter)

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